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History and business affairs of Elektroporcelan Novi Sad

The stock company “ELEKTROPORCELAN” A.D. from Novi Sad is well known manufacturer of electroporcelain insulators, whose success is based on 84 years long tradition and experience.

The company was founded in 1922., as a shareholding company for the production of ceramics, majolica and chamotte materials.

In 1928 it became the ownership of a stock company and the production programme was extended to electro insulting materials, overhead insulators, insulators for telephone lines and instalation materials.

After the Second World War until 1952. “Elektroporcelain” continues the production.

From 1970 to 1992. company merged with “Rade Končar” Zagreb as OOUR Elektroporcelan Novi Sad. Since 1992. the company is independent and works as Shareholding Company “DD ELEKTROPORCELAN” – Novi Sad, producing electroporcelain and technical ceramics.

Finally, when the process of privatisation ended successfully, factory became a property of an eminent businessman Mr. Sasa Stojkovic, on 5th July 2004. Since then company has changed the name and has become Stock Company “ELEKTROPORCELAN” A.D.-Novi Sad.

Around 180 employees work in the company.

Our products are in accordance with following standards: DIN 40685, KER 110. 1, KER 110. 2, IEC, C110 and C 120.

The technological development of the company has been a very long way, beginning with ceramic dishes and objects of majolica, to high-valued most complex electro-insulating products of 550 KV voltage level. The technological development has always been exclusively on our own power. The technology of the electroporcelain production in the company is classical one, it is wet procedure.

With such gradual change of the production capacities since 1968. to the present days, the company has become capable for the production of the following products:

  • Insulators for overhead lines
  • Post insulators to 420 KV
  • Insulators for circuit breakers /small-oil volume, pneumatic, SF-6/ to 420KV
  • Insulators for transformers to 550 KV
  • Transformer bushing to 125 KV
  • Insulators for lighting arresters
  • Special insulators on Customer’s request

“Elektroporcelan A. D.” is well known for the quality of it’s products.

The company received the Certificate for Quality system according to ISO 9001 standard, as well as International Trophy For Quality, in Paris.

Since July 2005., the company continually perfects and extends its plant capacity with it’s own funds. Ensuring the demanded quality “Elektroporcelan A.D” has given back former buyers and in a very short time successfully attracted a lot off new ones.